Turbo S Center Lock Cap Replacement (Adobe Premier Practice)

Finally! As many of you know I’m not a big fan of gold. I make concerted efforts to replace gold parts on my car with silver equivalents. In fact I tried to replace these in February but Suncoast sent the wrong parts. This past week I got an email from them indicating that has the right part and so I pulled the trigger. Score!


Cap transition from silver & gold to black & silver. I like ’em much better. All is well again.

Some more text here? Nah. I think it’s all covered.

2 thoughts on “Turbo S Center Lock Cap Replacement (Adobe Premier Practice)

  1. WOW just wyat I was searching for. Came here byy searching for silver center locks caps.
    Those r expensive. Porsche tax! 😀 but 🙁

  2. AHHHHHHYYYYEAHHH!! I have seriously been looking for these. I made my own at one point but they were s***!! So happy to see someone actually making this. Center lock wheels are SUUUCH a pain but nothing looks better. I’m like you- GOLD HATA!

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