Turbo S Center Lock Cap Replacement (Adobe Premier Practice)

Finally! As many of you know I’m not a big fan of gold. I make concerted efforts to replace gold parts on my car with silver equivalents. In fact IĀ tried to replace these in February but Suncoast sent the wrong parts. This past week I got an email from them indicating that has the right part and so I pulled the trigger. Score!


Cap transition from silver & gold to black & silver. I like ’em much better. All is well again.

Some more text here? Nah. I think it’s all covered.

2 thoughts on “Turbo S Center Lock Cap Replacement (Adobe Premier Practice)

  1. WOW just wyat I was searching for. Came here byy searching for silver center locks caps.
    Those r expensive. Porsche tax! šŸ˜€ but šŸ™

  2. AHHHHHHYYYYEAHHH!! I have seriously been looking for these. I made my own at one point but they were s***!! So happy to see someone actually making this. Center lock wheels are SUUUCH a pain but nothing looks better. I’m like you- GOLD HATA!

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