Razer Blade Pro Issues & Solutions : Review Follow-up

Despite all the hassle and quirks I have become very attached to my Razer Blade Pro. Even though I was able to obtain an RMA from Razer I have decided to keep the computer, abandon the notion it will be perfect and work through whatever issues pop up.

The biggest issue I had was the RAID 0 failure. Having the computer crash randomly and boot into BIOS is not okay. After going though the F9 recovery option (a reinstallation of Windows) and repairing Intel’s Rapid Storage Technology controller, I was still experiencing crashing. I decided to nuke my RAID, set the drives up separately and do a fresh install of Windows 10. Here’s my weekly video on the topic:

The computer has been very stable since I removed the RAID. No crashes to BIOS (or any crashes at all, for that matter). I have spent a good amount of time in Premier Pro and various 4K games like DOOM and Battlefront with no issues either. The current theory is that one of the drives isn’t as quick as the other (perhaps because of thermal throttling) and the RAID controller doesn’t know how to compensate, the computer hangs and then crashes. Regardless, with no RAID present it seems to eliminate that issue.

One thing I really like about having two separate drives is how easy it is to reinstall the OS. I was messing around in the registry the other day and I deleted a few CLSIDs that I thought were causing problems. Bad idea. Embarrassing. I had exported the entries but adding them back in wasn’t doing the trick. “No sweat,” I thought. “All my stuff is on my D drive.” I had Windows 10 reinstalled in 30 mins. #nuketheraid

People have commented about heat issues with the Razer Blade Pro and I have certainly seen some high heat levels in my computer. When doing rendering in Premier Pro, for example, I have seen the CPU temperature climb to 96°C. I think at that point the CPU gets throttled a bit. I’m not too concerned though- rendering is particularly CPU intensive and I don’t see the core temperatures climb past the 80s during gaming (the GPU stays in the 70s). I’m actually pretty impressed with the thermals in this laptop given its dimensions. My only heat-related beef would be that the fans are audible even when the computer is resting. Since I usually have music playing that’s just me looking for something to complain about.

Aside from fan noise I’m not completely happy with the screen. Although it’s world’s better than the first go around, my current screen still exhibits “dirty” patches (columns) that are visible in lightly colored backgrounds. To be fair the only time this is an issue is while watching videos with light backgrounds (grays and blues, specifically) where there appear to be points on the screen that don’t move. While this type of issue is common on LCD displays I hate to see it on this laptop.


Here’s a list of some other issues I’ve had and their solutions (if I’ve found one)

1) My screen had vertical columns of discoloration. Solution: I sent the computer back and got another one. Screen issues (discoloration, dead pixels, etc) is not something that can be repaired.

2) My SD card reader didn’t work. Solution: Uninstalled / Reinstalled all USB drivers. Making sure you have the latest drivers never hurts either.

4) My mouses settings (i.e. speed) would get messed up every time the computer came out of sleep or got restarted (using a Razer Mamba). Solution: I tried EVERYTHING to fix this and nothing made a difference. But! The problem went away after I reinstalled Windows 10.

5) Sometimes my computer doesn’t go to sleep properly (it will stay awake even though it’s configured to sleep after 15 mins on non-use) or it wakes up when I don’t want it to.  Solution: If you type “powercfg -requests” into an elevated command prompt you can see what’s preventing the computer from sleeping. In my case it’s the Realtek Audio Driver. The computer think there is an audio stream playing. The issue is intermittent but easily traced to Chrome. Unfortunately a “”powercfg -requestsoverride” of the Realtek driver doesn’t work. My options seem limited to closing the Chrome browser or putting the computer to sleep myself. Additionally, something is waking the computer back up. In the device manager I recently configured every device so it’s not allowed to wake the computer up. It seems like this has helped.

6) Sometimes the computer’s battery will show as 99% with a “plugged in, not charging” status. It did this when I got it and after the new Windows 10 install. Solution: I think I have this figured out. It looks like the computer won’t charge unless the battery is below 95%. Over time the battery drains even when it’s not being used it will drain a bit and not fully recharge. As far as I can tell this is a feature to maintain battery integrity. It’s just not a feature anyone ever mentions or talks about…which seems bizarre.

7) Keyboard doesn’t always go to sleep with screen, defaults to wrong setting on start up & the lid logo sometimes doesn’t turn off. Solution: I think Razer’s Synapse gets confused regarding what colors to show on the keyboard. It’s just something we Razer users must live with.

8) There are many errors in the Event Viewer system logs. Solution: I have learned not to try and “fix” them. Most of these errors are not relevant to user experience and do not negatively impact Windows functionality.

Wow, right? Throw that thing in the trash! Well, hold on a second. Most computers have something screwy about them but people just restart them and call it a day. Not me- I’m what they refer to as slightly OCD (clinically insane). For some reason- possibly the outrageous price of this laptop or aforementioned insanity- I feel like everything should be perfect. Maybe it should be, but it’s not, so be it (ahhhhhhh!). There’s so much technology packed into this computer that it’s hard not to be impressed and a little bit tolerant of bugs.


14 thoughts on “Razer Blade Pro Issues & Solutions : Review Follow-up

  1. I did the same thing as you. Got rid of the RAID.
    My computer has been pretty solid. No screen discolorations that I can see.

  2. Love my RBP- no problems cept for a little fan buzzing.
    I even have mine overclocked a bit. great performance.
    Glad you were able to get your problems figured out!

  3. I got a razer blade pro for christmas, and I have been having the same SSD issues you have been having. I even went and did a factory reset like you, but still no fix. Do you know if Razer has found a fix for this? Would you recommend me #nuketheraid like you did? Does nuking the raid void the warranty?

    Thank you so much.

  4. Overpriced garbage. Alienware is your best bet if you want a truly great gaming laptop without all the problems.

  5. @Ben – I’m still not 100% sure what causes the issue but it appears to be one drive not performing as well as the other (possibly heat-related slowdown). As far as I know there’s no quick fix for this problem.
    If you get rid of the RAID 0 configuration and run the drives separately it will not void your warranty (it’s just a software change). I haven’t had a drive-related problem since doing this. Best of luck!

  6. I got a RBP at the end of 2016. I feel upset they updated it so quickly w. a new CPU. Early adopters always pay for it. Will you upgrade? How has your RBP been this year. Thanks.

  7. Cam – Thanks for all of your research and insight on this issue. I’ve had the RBP since January and I use it every day – work, dev, and some gaming. Never had a single problem…until today – 3 months later – when it crashed to BIOS. Wasn’t even doing anything at the time – it was just idle – with a few business apps open (Outlook, Excel, Chrome, etc.) It did seem to be oddly warm for not doing much – maybe there was a runaway process that I wasn’t aware of. Anyway, considering nuking the RAID 0 as well. Has yours continued to be solid since the switch? Thanks!

  8. That crash into BIOS is disconcerting… it was the same way for me- just random. My laptop would sometimes hang on a web page then crash and boot to BIOS. To answer your question – yes, after removing the RAID 0 configuration I’ve been nothing but happy.No crashes since then. The only caveat is that the Windows search has a very hard time finding stuff one the hard drives are separated (and if you ge that far there’s a great work around that I can share).

  9. Sorry for the belated reply- I’m very behind on comments! I didn’t even know they did an update. I’m looking through the specs and I have to admit it’s a little bit of a bummer to know I coudl have waited a few moths and got an updated version (with the drive issues solved I’d guess). But I’m not going to worry about it- technology marches on relentlessly and no matter when you buy something better it just around the corner. Computers, cars, TVs, etc. My Pro has been great this year- no major issues.

  10. Well, I’ve joined the RBP Nuked Raid0 club with hopes that this solves the problem. I still have yet to see any posts (on the various discussion boards) where there has been a BIOS crash after separating the SSDs. I find it a little disconcerting that this seemed to be a problem that plagued many customers, but it was never really addressed by Razer. I can’t help but wonder if they did ANYTHING with the RBP V2 (2017) to address it. I see they are still being shipped with the RAID0 config. Oh well, love the machine otherwise, so if this solves the problem, then I’ll be happy customer.

  11. I agree- Razer has been completely mute on the issue which I don’t appreciate. They *must* know what’s going on at this point. Still no major issues with my RBP after deleting the RAID.
    I haven’t seen anyone mention to the crash-to-bios when using the RBP V2. Although there seem to be plenty of people with QC issues as always.

  12. Another thing to note – I experienced similar issues as you when testing the separate SSD. The primary drive (with windows on it) handles the Crystal Disk Mark tests fine – only heating up slightly. The secondary drive heats up quite a bit during testing (I want to say maybe close to 70 C where as the primary only got to about 40 C). I’m sure this is the crux of the entire problem. So, then the question is – what is it about the secondary drive that gets so hot? Is it the location within the case – closer to processing units perhaps? Regardless – it’s no wonder RAID0 doesn’t work when one drive (for whatever reason) is clearly outperforming the other.

  13. I just got the new updated 2017 Razer Blade Pro. No crashing yet but my fan rattles and my computer does not go to sleep no matter what setting I tweak.
    What is up with Razers quality control? Does not exist??

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