Sony RX100 V – Unboxing & Slow Motion Tests

I don’t feel comfortable “reviewing” this camera yet. I’m still in the early stages of messing around with various settings and getting a good idea of the camera’s capabilities (and limitations). That being said, here’s a quick unboxing & slow motion demo of the Sony RX100 V:

From my limited time using the camera I feel like it’s fantastic! The pictures it takes are phenomenal and nearly on par with my Canon 80D. The RX100 V can also shoot 4K video (about five minute clips at a time) as well as record a few seconds at 960 FPS (allthough the resolution drops to 1244 x 420). If you’re in the market for a compact do-it-all camera this might be worth a closer look.

Hopefully I’ll have time to follow up once I’ve got my see legs (pun level: epic).

Quick picture of the box (front & top w/ some features) and then a quick shot of how my hobby is slowly but surly getting out of control…

One thought on “Sony RX100 V – Unboxing & Slow Motion Tests

  1. I had the RX100 4 and loved it but the slow motion limit was excruciating. I’m hoping they release a version 6 with with 10 seconds of slow motion recording time. And they need to find some way to speed up the write process. Great cameras.

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