Porsche 991 Dummy Key Swap

These days a lot of cars have a push button start- you leave your keys in your pocket and press a button somewhere to start your car. The Porsche “entry and drive system” is the same thing but instead of pressing a button you start your car by turning the “dummy fob” which is kept in the ignition. [As a side note, I find it very satisfying to turn a key, as opposed to pushing a button. Additionally there is some interesting history regarding why Porsche opted to place their ignition location on the left of the steering wheel]

Since there is dummy key that makes it something that can be customized. And since I am a compulsive customizer I ordered a new dummy key in the same color as my car’s exterior (carrara white metallic). I really like the contrast and the white key actually makes it easier to find.

Oh hey, a new fob. Looking good in there! Much easier to locate too!

Below is a video of my dummy fob and a demonstration of how to remove the old fob and install the new one.