Family Run

Sometimes we get together with the Sabins for an evening jog. Tonight we we decided to mobilize the entire family for the run. I’m not sure if it was our best idea, but it was worth a shot.

We typically run between three and five miles- too far for the kids to comfortably run. So we brought two bikes (that way the kids could run a bit and switch off when they got tired). We put the baby in a jogging stroller. It all worked okay. The kids took turns “dying” and anyone on a bike rode off into the event horizon. Maybe we’ll try it again sometime when the kids are all grown up!

After our run. Some of us are happy. Some of us are sad. But all of us know that mom is the toughest (she pushed the stroller most of the way)

So I’m going to give this blogging thing a shot- but I’m not totally committed to it yet. We’ll see how it goes (I’m going light on the text). 3:30am over here. Who needs sleep when you can share your memories with Internet strangers?

Posted by Cam