June 10th – June 18th 2012

As I have mentioned we try to go on a date every couple of weeks. Nothing too active this time. We went to Thai House (in Lehi) and then saw Snow White and the Huntsman. The movie was actually pretty good!

This past week Fran took the kids up to Cherry Hill water park & family fun center in Kaysville. Full RV hooksups!

Noting better than eating hotdogs and cucumbers! There were tons of fun activities for the kids. The first day they went swimming, tubing and rock climbing.

Fran and Gabe made a quick detour to Paris (Cherry Hill has a very nice miniature golf course). Camping in an RV with a baby is quite challenging, but Fran is a brave (brave) woman! Good thing Chloe is so adorable. The next day the Browns & Bensons arrived at Cherry Hill.

I came up the evening of the second day and we took the kids to the arcade. It’s a little lackluster, but they had fun (Arcade review: I wish the air hockey tables actually had air). When the kids went to bed the adults all played a few rounds of Five Crowns. A fun trip for all!

On the 18th we celerbated Fran’s 34th birthday! We ate lunch together at Jimmy John’s and then had Cafe Rio for dinner (with coconut flawn!)

Fran wanted to go on a family bike ride for her birthday so we took out the bikes, got them in working order and rode around the neighborhood for a bit. Another successful birthday under the ye old Hughes belt.