Today kind of started out slow. Maybe it was the unexpected clouds and rain. Maybe it was just the fatigue we were all feeling from this past week. Hard to say. We finally got in gear around 2:00 in the afternoon when we went to Michael and Claire’s piano recital. Fran recorded their performances:

After we got back we decided to work on the house a bit. Gabe and one of his friends had been hanging on the garage door and it broke. Since we had no idea how to address that problem we fixed a few drawers, mounted the garage door buttons (oh how I wish I had thought to take a before picture!), and did some work in the yard. I think that made us all feel better. Well, until we remembered the garage door was broken.

We polished off the night by watching TinTin with and pizza and with air conditioning. Years ago we had a separate furnace installed for part of our basement (the study and theater) and we had the cables and pipes run for the AC. But for some reason we never finished the project. For Father’s Day this year Fran had an AC unit installed (it was an early present). This was the first time we used it while watching a movie. So nice! I don’t know how we made it for four years with no AC down there. Thanks Babe!

TinTin was a fun movie (kind of like young Indiana Jones) and I thought that visually it was incredible.

Another fun filled day at the Hughes home.

Posted by Cam