Limitless 2019. 200mph Porsche 991 Turbo S? Yes!

Limitless rolled around again. I had a pretty specific goal this year: I wanted to hit 200 mph. For some reason this speed has been an elusive siren. A few times I’ve snuck within twenty miles per hour or so but there is a huge difference between going 180 and going 200 miles per hour. A chasm I had not decided how to cross…

At last year’s Limitless race I was pretty sure 200mph was out of reach but I wanted to hit somewhere close. On my first (and best) run of the day my odometer showed me going right around 184 mph. That was back when I had “stage 3” modifications. I shrugged it off, blaming it on my catalytic converters, tiny turbos and utah’s higher altitude. I forgot about the race until they announced the 2019 event.

There was no way I was going back to do the same thing over again. I needed more power… I needed ByDeign‘s stage 4 package. But the idea of installing more upgrades made me nervous. Really nervous.

It’s funny how we can decide something and there is so much stress centered around the decision- probably because of what we don’t know. I was committed to the stage 4 build but it created a ton of anxiety. It was almost enough that I didn’t order the upgrades. But I ordered them. Then it was almost enough that I thought about cancelling the install. But we did the installation. So many things are like that- our fear can stop us from living our best lives. As we look back at the times we jumped with no net there were certainly times we fell, but there were times when we got to fly.

You can read about my install here if you’re interested.

The week of the race Sam, my tuner,  whipped me up a “medium level” tune for the event. I wasn’t looking for a glory run or anything like that. I just wanted to hit 200 mph safely (in both a physical and mechanical sense). Normally I’d run fuel from Sunoco but my supplier was out (and I had used up what I bought for the race while I was playing around) so I ended up using 100 octane “pump gas” (thankfully we have one floating around over here). I filled the car half way up, topped off the methanol, checked the tire pressures and plugged the car in for the night. “Big day, tomorrow,” I whispered.

There were a few important changes to the Limitless event this year. First, Cars4Kids had purchased professional timing equipment because the radar times had been so inconsistent.  The length of the straight section of road was lengthened slightly giving us just over a mile of straightaway to achieve lift off. The best change was probably the police escort we got from our “briefing & breakfast” to our race destination (Thanksgiving Point all the way out to Eagle Mountain). Before we left one of the officers said “Stay with us… we’ll be going a little over the speed limit.” As we tore down residential streets at 80mph, ran red lights and stop signs I became certain that this was they way I was born to drive.

Race time! I admit I was nervous. With last year stuck in my head I imagined how embarrassed I’d feel if we only crawled our way to the 190’s… especially given that I’d spilled the upgrade beans to a couple of people. My turn! I drove conservatively around the curved part of the course and launched into the straightaway around 100 mph. The car was running strong! She just kept pulling. By the time I crossed the finish line my odometer was definity past 200. But what would their official timing system say? 201.72mph! Wow. Talk about feeling elated. That was just my “test run!”

For my next heat I decided to hit the curves more aggressively and try and come out onto the straightaway with as much speed as possible. It helped quite a bit.  207.87! It was a great feeling. It was thrilling to hit 207 mph and smash my goal to pieces.

And that’s about it for this race. The car showed up, no one gave it a second look, and then it kicked everyone’s ass. Well, almost everyone. A 1000hp twin turbo Lamborghini Huracan beat me by 1.3 mph. It’s hard to lose by such a small margin, but on the other hand it’s a satisfying car to lose to. My car was the only one that ran back to back 200+ mph runs. I think the third place driver was somewhere around 196mph. Not too shabby of a showing. I am extremely impressed by the Porsche 991 platform and how much this car can be pushed. Maybe we can push a little more in 2020.

Limitless: June 15, 2019.

Here is a bit of Race banter:

Here is the Make a Wish Foundation presentation:

The Photos below were taken by Piece of Power at the 2019 Limitless Event.