More Drawings. Another Robot, Car and History.

This week I decided to undertake another couple of drawings and, as fate would have it, another car and robot emerged.

First I decided to draw my car (it’s still not back and I miss it… sometimes). Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. My work has sort of an unfinished feel, but I’m okay with that. This is ink, marker & pencil (since I wanted to add some highlights this time).

As always I sketched it out, and inked it. Wheels are my nemesis. I just can’t seem to get the perspective correct. And when I inked it things just got worse. I think the coloring process helped a bit though.

After the car I was thinking about R2-D2 (My brother in law, Doug, is making an epic life sized R2 model) and decided it would be fun to draw him. Now those of you who are die-hard Star Wars buffs will notice something right off the bat. R2 appears to be backwards. but rest assured I drew him exactly the way I wanted (think of this as how R2 sees himself- art within art).

I spent some time looking through old drawings too. Sweet nostalgia.  The first one below is a car my uncle, Dex, drew for me what I was much younger (think 1980’s). He would draw a picture for me each time we saw each other. Before anyone decides to judge this picture Dex busted it out in like ten minutes. I must have redrawn it about a dozen times too.

The other drawing looks like a Lamborghini Countach. I couldn’t find a date on it, but from other similar style pieces that are dated I would guess it was done between 1990-1992. Marker, pen, and pencil highlights (in the windows). I guess not much has changed.

Hughes Family: September 16th – September 23rd

The kids enjoyed their school fair. You get your hair painted, play games, win prizes, eat junk food and party till you drop. Mike had so much fun Fran couldn’t even get a picture of him. 

Claire turned seven! We had a family party during the week (on her birthday). Fran made clam vermicelli (Claire’s requested birthday dinner) and a coconut cake. Claire got a bunch f Playmobile set that mom and dad had a “great” time putting together. 

On Saturday Claire had a party with her friends. The theme was “slumber party.” The table and cake were even decorated like beds. 

After working to clean and speed up the family’s old computer for a few hours Cam gave up and went and got a new one. It’s sort of amazing what you can get now for a few hundred dollars compared to what you got a few years ago. Sadly, the new computer wasn’t as upgradeable as Cam had hoped and he couldn’t put in a better video card. Everyone point at the “motherboard” and laugh. 

Another incredible week at the Hughes house.