Happy New Year: 2023! Let’s Rock It!

Every January 1st feels like a new beginning, to some degree. Take a moment, sit down and write out what you expect from yourself and from 2023. Make it a good year.  

Here are a few suggestions (potential resolutions?) from a guy who has been around the block):

🔹If you are struggling with depression then reach out to family, a trusted friend, or make an appointment with a healthcare professional. No matter how hard it seems or how bad it feels, take that first step- you are worth saving. You can also call the suicidal and crisis lifeline at 988.

🔹Saying “no” can be a challenge for many. If you let people, some will take until you have nothing left- some by mistake, some intentionally and some maliciously. If you can’t do it (if you don’t *want* to do it) then say “no.”

🔹Learn to be happy with what you have (says the guy with cars… I get it). Comparison is a thief of happiness. What someone else has does not impact what you have, and should not affect your personal happiness. Take a moment and mindfully think of the good things you have… you might be surprised. (FYI, there is nothing wrong with “more” as long as the motivations are pure).

🔹Find opportunities to serve. If you have a problem I guarantee it will disappear as you help others. Opportunities to serve aren’t limited to people with a flat tire.

🔹Be kind when people seem unkind. Instead of assuming negative motivations ask yourself this: “Why would a good, reasonable person act this way?” Attributing good motivations to behavior you don’t understand will make it easier to achieve a good outcome.