The New BHQ and Minivan too!

We redesigned our website- I just get that bug once in awhile…


Greg did the template work and I sat next to him and shouted “More colors! More space! Less space! There is more than before! Now make less! Over, over! More green blue blue!” The old site was just kind of clunky, angular and outdated (you can compare the old version and the new version. We even overhauled the logo (very dangerous- but who cares!?). Once we get a few of the bugs out the new site should be better than the old one in every way. Want to drop me a line to tell me what you think? Stifle that urge. Hold it… hold it… there you go.

And in other news, we’ve done it. Successfully rotated our entire vehicle selection in less than six months. How extravagantly delicious! We traded the Acura toward…


… a 2003 Honda Odyssey. I honestly didn’t want to be the guy who drove a sports car and made his wife drive a minivan. And I’m not! She chose this. We had looked at the Honda Pilot first (you know, trying to maintain our hip image with an SUV), but the Odyssey really won us over. When you can automatically open your car doors from the Keyfob you have a winner.  Fran wanted the red color because it reminds her of a berry on Reunion Island called the Goyavier. We have now achieved Utahsimilation.

Grass and Halloween


This is a post that should have gone up last week, but I just haven’t had the time. Usually I rob myself of sleep and sacrifice exercise and time with my family to do this stuff, but I did all that and there still wasn’t a free moment. Talk about a rough week.

Anyhoo… each October the Sabins throw a wicked Halloween party. This year was particularly exciting because it was in their house and they did an incredible job of decorating.  Fran was a Kangaroo with a miniroo (Gabe) tucked into a pocket. Claire was a lady bug and Michael was Raphael (not the painter- the turtle). If you want pictures of them you need to visit the other blog. I was feeling lazy so I just dressed my thumb up. The scar from my cut made a great mouth. It’s really too bad that I already had the stitches out.

Before the party I had been at Andrew’s house helping out with sod. I put a picture of some grass above to fill in space. It’s not Andrew’s. It’s not mine. I have no idea who’s it is. You can see Andrew’s real lawn here.