Cold and Old


For the last five years we’ve gone snowmobiling in January. We’ve tried out a number of different locations such as Bear River Lodge & Daniel’s Summit. This year we went to the Aspen Moose Cabin in Timberlake Estates.  My selfless wife watched our children while I ventured out an an Arctic Cat with Tom, Andrew and John. The snowmobiling was very good, with Timberlakes offering up some good paths, hills and fields. It also offered up a river bed which I didn’t see until it was much too late. I drove right into it at nearly full speed. I think I may have ended up with a concussion. I was going to post pictures of some of my bruises, but I’m not a pretty man to begin with…   All told we probably logged about 4 hours on the snowmobiles. 3 days later and I’m still a little sore. Getting old.

The snowmobiling rental process seems to get longer and longer every year and I’m considering just getting a couple of my own. I could take a few extra trips during the winter and do some reconnaissance as well. We’re still searching for the perfect spot to snowmobile and relax. Timberlakes was good, but I think the snowmobiling at Bear River was a little better. However, I liked the accommodations at Daniel’s Summit more; the bathrooms at the Aspen Moose were ridiculously small and uncomfortable. All in all a good trip. My brain is seizing, so that will be it for now.