Fireworks Steak, Food Lagoon, Chicken Blog Race

Thought I’d descend from my lofty perch and let you mortals know what I’ve been up to. I get a real kick out of doing mortal stuff so…

We celebrated the 4th of July with the Browns (T&A). The best part about the 4th for me is watching the kids light the fireworks. They get pretty excited. Typically they try to keep the old firework hulls.  I did that as a kid too; I would fill them up with baking soda, food coloring and vinegar and have the 5th of July. My father was a very patient man.

I celebrated my 9th anniversary with my lovely mortal wife, Fran. Time has only deepened my love for her. Once I tried to make a list of the things that were wrong with her. The list only had one thing on it… and that was her husband. Given the hugeness of my love I thought it only fitting that we eat a meal of proportional deliciousness.  We headed over to Ruth’s Chris. They recently reopened the location in Salt Lake City. As far as I’m concerned there is no better steak anywhere. I went with the Ribeye (my favorite cut).


Since it was our 9th year of passion we splurged and and got sauteed scallops and a lobster tail. Everything was cooked very well. The only part of the meal I didn’t care for was the free dessert. It was a cheesecake, but it had way to much crust and very little flavor. Still, overall the meal was fabulous. I’d recommend Ruth’s Chris to anyone looking for great steak.


And speaking of things that are great. One of my favorite mortal treats is ice cream. It was a sad day when the Leatherby’s in Provo closed down. Lately we’ve been making the trek up to Taylorsville to eat there. Their sundaes are just as great as I remember them. If anyone wants to go eat there holler. I’m always up for a Tracy’s Peanut Butter Cup.


And speaking of Sundaes. On Sunday (who is the segway king? You know it) Fran makes us breakfast for lunch. Pancakes, eggs, sausage, fruit, orange juice, and tons of toppings. This has become one of our favorite traditions. And did I mention that everything is delicious. I have a sneaky suspicion that part of the pancakes might be whole wheat though…


I actually took a day off of work this year (is that a joke… I don’t even know) so we could go up to Lagoon as a family.


Lagoon has a bad rap, but it was actually pretty fun. Mike and I went on all the roller coasters (Wicked is very cool), but the other kids were a little too short for some of the rides.  I think everyone had a good time though. By the way- I don’t recommend the Wild Mouse. It’s just a thrash-a-thon. It bruised my arms up (when in mortal form I am susceptible to mortal injury).


In other news, American Fork has a Chick-Fil-A now. Before it opened there were tons of people camped out. I took a picture so I could make fun of them later. It turns out the first 100 people to eat at the restaurant got free meals for a year. That’s not really very funny. I went and ate there the first week it was opened. They come around to your table and ask if they can “refresh your beverage.” Awesome.


Fran has launched a new blog effort. She was irritated with the lack of features that WordPress provided so she migrated over to BlogSpot. I can’t really blame her. WordPress can be very irritating at times when it comes to adding features you want. Anyway- be sure to check out her new blog!


And what post would be complete without talking about cars? I went to Rocky Mountain Raceway last Friday to watch some friends race in the midnight drags. I’m hoping I can go next week, but I have a problem. I burned out my old clutch. I ordered this beautiful yellow thing (ACT T1S-G01 twin disk clutch rated to 850 lbs of torque! Plus it’s lighter that the stock assembly) but I have to get it installed and broken in by next Friday. The clock is ticking…


So that’s it. A quick overview of things from the past few months. I always mean to maintain my blog better. I’m just so darn busy living my life. Well, back I go (you know, back up).