Toilet Trek

A bunch of us are going to see Star Trek on Saturday May 9th. I love the recent theatre innovation of reserved seating at the MegaPlex Cinemas. It’s very reassuring to know that not only will you actually have a seat (yes, I have been to oversold movies) but you know right where your seat is. I waited until advance ticked became available for Star Trek and nabbed the much coveted bar-in-front-of-me-for-my-feet spots. I was kind of surprised when I hopped on yesterday to grab this picture that not a single other seat had been sold. A bit odd, given all the hype. I’m sure it will fill up more as we get closer (so far only one Friday show is sold out- maybe no one knows about online reservations!?).


That’s a roll of tape you see there on the right. Mike decided it was the perfect thing to try and flush. Needless to say, it didn’t make it though.  I managed to let the situation drag on for a good month or two becuase the toilet still flushed (sort of) but numerous “incidents” prompted me to finally take action. I had to remove the fixture and snake some cable through. Then I used a wire clamp on one end and pulled the wire through the pipe to dislodge the tape roll (a home made router). Money saved: $347 (no plumber and  no router, but I had to spend $3 on a wax seal).


Speaking on plumbing: Construction has started on our new building! I went by and they had ripped up part of the floor to put in bathroom piping. They should start framing as early as next week. I am not looking forward to moving…