Spring is Finally Here!


Today is the first day of spring. Now that’s excitement (only happens once a year!).  Yesterday’s weather was fabulous. I took an evening drive to relax and it was a wonderful 58 degrees so my windows were down. For some reason this was a particularly rough winter and I’m glad it’s (mostly) over. We may get a few more snow spritzes here and there, but spring is officially here and nice weather is right around the corner.

I’m thrilled about my upcoming spring cleaning. I’ve got big plans for my garage- I want to get my wood shop set up again and put in some new cabinets to replace our shelves (it will be better organized).  And I’ve got bigger plans for work (I’ll be posting the remodeling progress in the next day or so).  It’s so much easier to feel cheerful with the sun shining and a cool breeze wisping around you. Welcome spring!