Bound for Broadway

Oak Tree Drama

Oak Tree Standing in Forest:  Wow! What a beautiful day!

Woodsman stepping into view: I agree!

Oak Tree: Oh… hey there.

Woodsman: Hey.

Oak Tree: Yep. Nice day.

Woodsman: Yep.

Oak Tree: Ah… so, what brings you to the forest?

Woodsman: Just out for walk.

Oak Tree: With your axe?

Woodsman:  Um, well yeah. You never know what kind of danger you might run into.

Oak Tree: No kidding.

Woodsman sits down on an Oak tree stump: So, have any family?

Oak Tree: Excuse me?

Woodsman pulls out a stone and begins to sharpen his axe: Family. Parents, brothers, sisters?

Oak Tree: What are you doing?

Woodsman: My axe felt kind of dull and I just thought I’d sharpen it while we chatted. Any relatives around here at all? Sure would like to meet them.

Oak Tree: No… um, just me. Well, me and my friends.

Woodsman: Friends?

Oak Tree: Yeah, the magic forest elves. They come around and check on me each day to make sure I’m okay.

Woodsman standing and chuckling: I see.

Enter Magic Forest Elf: Hey, you there! What’s going on.

Woodsman: Me?

Magic Forest Elf: Yes you. What are you doing with that Axe?

Woodsman: Oh, I was just going to show it to this Oak tree here. He said he wanted a closer look.

Oak Tree: I didn’t say that!

Magic Forrest Elf: I really doubt he said that.

Woodman to Magic Forest Elf: Would you like to see my Axe?

Magic Forrest Elf: Not really. I actually have a pretty nice Axe back home.

Oak Tree to Forrest Elf: Why do you have an Axe?

Magic Forrest Elf: It’s just a tiny Axe. I use it to chop firewood.

Oak Tree: What? Fire wood? Wait a second. What’s going on here?

Magic Forrest Elf: Oh no… oh no. I, uh… no, I meant I would chop fire. Would chop, but you can’t chop fire, of course. So I forgot. I don’t have an Axe.

Woodsman chops up Magic Forest Elf and then chops down screaming Oak tree.

The End.

I know, I know… what’s wrong with me, right? This is a rough draft segment for my new project, “Conversations of a Disturbing Nature.”