Hughes Family: August 6th – August 12th

We’re a little bit behind with the posts. Hopefully we’ll be able to get caught up in the next couple of weeks.

Fran and the kids went to Lagoon and had a lot of fun. With the exception of Chloe the kids can go on almost every ride. Chloe still went on her fair share though.

Lagoon: The Disney Land of Utah. Rides, food and fun. They stayed until the park closed at 11:00pm.

Cam’s is working on some major car modifications (new engine, transmission, drive shaft, differential and maybe bigger turbos and upgraded fuel system). This will probably be a 3-4 week project.

The kids and Grandpa look forward to the Alpine Days parade each year.

After gaining back a good deal of weight Cam is starting his diet and exercise program again. So far so good (except that he is really grumpy).

Sometimes kids do really weird stuff…

Nothing beats the Lindon pool on a hot summer day.

Claire went to her cousin’s birthday party. Gabe stayed home with Dad and they made cookies and watched cartoons (Mike was off with his friends). [The picture from this post was lost in the blog consolidation and, alas, it cannot be found]

Francoise is still trying to make eggplant taste good (this has been an ongoing battle). As it turns out fried eggplant is actually pretty good. On Sunday the family played Richess du Monde (a French game which is similar to Monopoly). Cam thought there may have been some cheating and would like a rematch. [The picture from this post was lost in the blog consolidation and, alas, it cannot be found]

Hughes Family: July 30th – August 5th

This was an odd week. Sort of slow, but really really stressful. All of life seemed to catch up with us at once (sort of like a mass expiration of warranties). A lot of us were sick too.  There’s not a lot of report, but we’ll post what we have.

The only activity the family really did this week was take a trip to Seven Peaks waterpark. It’s hot out here in Utah and this is a great way to cool off.

Cam decided to consolidate all his blogs into one over at He’s run a lot of blogs for a long time- I guess he deserves a break. Will he roll this blog into his blog? He doesn’t know quite yet. Any suggestions?
October 14, 2012 Udpate: He did!

Fran discovered a mobile application to help her post from her phone. has a couple of new posts. Will her blogging efforts last? Here’s hoping!

Cam started dieting again. He gained back fifty pounds (“of muscle” he said) and now he’s losing it again. Look for weekly updates on his progress. Dieting and working out makes Cam grumpy- be warned!