The Great Divide & Closing the Gap

Update 9: Okay, I think I’m done., Utah,, and have all been migrated, shuttered and redirected. I have decided not to close Hughes Family. I think it will be good to have another blog specifically about family things (and we may opt to make it private at some point  so it will be nice to have it separated). I guess that’s that. Let the blogging resume!

Update 8: Well… the last thing to do it shutter the other blogs. I’m having a really hard time with the idea of closing down Maybe I will leave them separate. Two blogs would still be okay. Maybe. No… that’s how this whole mess started to begin with. I’ll just have to write Hughes Family posts in the first person instead of the second (or is it third?). It doesn’t help that I’m sick today and my mental capacity is impaired… even more than usual. Probably only one more update after this one. Wonder what I’ll do?

Update 7: Dark or Light colors for the website… Hmm…. decisions, decisions (this is the fun part kids- you grow up and do whatever you want… if you know you know what you want to do). I think I’ll stick w/ dark for now. I might actually like the lighter color scheme better, but since when have I done what I liked? Eh? Yeah? Can I get an Amen!?

Update 6: I have started the process of shuttering some of my older blogs. I disabled comments, hid some of the pages and redirected the root domain to the corresponding section of this blog. So far so good. I’m now in the process of rebuilding my links. It’s sort of sad to see how many people have stopped blogging. Links to blogs that haven’t been updated in the last few months will be omitted from the new blogroll. There’s only so much room, after all 🙂

Update 5: Overall, pretty happy with the results so far. I think I have the blog set up the way I want it (with a few minor exceptions). Now I need to decide if I pull the trigger and shut the other blogs down. I did a few redirect experiments but I’m not having much luck deciding how to set things up (and for some reason my wildcard redirects aren’t working properly- probably a server configuration issue). Decisions, decisions…

Update 4: I played around with some plugins that got me closer to where I wanted to be. Categories have different headers now (making the graphics took a bit of time). I’m also working on some custom menus so I can manage content better. My next step here is post category blurbs and info. I also wish there was a simple way to change the format of “pages.” As I get further into this I’m not even sure that I’m actually going to do it (shutter the other blogs). We’ll see, I guess.

Update 3: All the content is moved over. I’m having trouble figuring out how to consolidate all the info though. I wanted to separate it out by the original blogs, but it would need to be further subdivided by category. I can’t think of a way to do this (well, within the confines of the blog template I’d like to use). Also, as unreal as this sounds – I think there might simply be too many posts for one blog. A lot of the info is going to get lost if I can’t find a good way to sort this out.

Update 2: I have the website looking like I want (mostly) and configured the way it should be. I have successfully imported a second blog (no issues). At this point it’s just a matter of relocating content. Here I go!

Update 1: Making some good progress now. I have mostly moved over (posts, comments, pages, and images). I need to set up a redirect and shut the old website down now (that will feel really really sad…). Before I do that though I need to format this blog a bit and then make sure that merging in a second blog goes smoothly. Tally Ho!

Too many blogs. So, I think I’ll merge them all into one blog and put it under my name. I don’t care about traffic or rankings, really (my only fear is that I will somehow affect websites that I link to w/ all my blogs). To be honest, I’m just tired of managing five blogs, and I’d rather have them under one roof, so to speak. Let’s see if we can get this done…