Hughes Family: August 13th – August 19th

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something is amiss. There is a dearth of time these days. Maybe it’s because school restarted, maybe it’s because of a leak in space-time… hard to say. But I’ll forgo the more complex entry and do something simpler this week (and maybe I’ve gotten a little crazy… does anyone really care about fried eggplant?).


Fran and the kids decided to go camp in the Alpine Loop w/ Fran’s sister and some cousins. Their goal: Hike Mount Timp (well, most of it). Gabe stayed at home w/ Cam since he was too small to make the hike.

Up they went! Fran carried Chloe on her back and the kids helped carry supplies.

Fran said the hike was beautiful. They made it all the way to Emerald Lake. Mike wasn’t a very happy camper, but the promise of two Krispy Cream donuts kept him going. All told they hiked over 13 miles and even made it back alive. Not bad for kids as young six, and a mom with a baby on her back!

Double Take Vehicles. August 2012 Edition.

Once in awhile I see some cool cars that make me a do a double take. Cars like this deserve to be memorialized in some way. In an effort to preserve some of our automotive history I have made this record.

No one really knows what the new Corvette C7 will look like. This talented group took publicly available images, artist renderings and speculation and merged them into this awesome conceptual video rendering. Not perfect (in my opinion), but ii’s on the right track. When they made the C6 they nailed it. I will be very curious to see how the C7 improves on the design (and if it actually can).

Dad of the year away probably goes to this guy. Anyone willing to trick out a Power Wheels like this is committed to a good and righteous cause. And it looks like his son is very appreciative.

My buddy pointed this truck out. It was on KSL a week or so ago (it’s not there now, which is too bad because I didn’t grab anything besides the pictures). It’s a 2003 Checy Silverado SS. It’s got less than 8,000 miles and runs the quarter in about 11 seconds (super fast for a truck). The seller said it was in showroom condition. I admit I’m tempted by a truck like this. Truck + Fast = Extra Awesome.

And finally (and most importantly) I ran across this: The Chuck Norris Corvette. Somehow I missed this growing up. If Chuck Norris drove a Corvette that says something… something incredible. My cup runneth over.