A Totally Random Blog Update

Where have I been, right? Nowhere in particular…The last few months have been super busy at work. Any extra time I’ve had I have willingly given to my family and appropriated for my hobby. I am working on a recap of 2011 which I hope to post by the end of this month.

I have noticed a lot of these “What other people think I do” collages lately. This one was recently forwarded to me and I thought it was applicable to my life (while not perfect, it’s funny) :

I have been a lot of  blogging over at UtahCorvette.com (yeah, your favorite!). Sometimes people ask me why I blog about car stuff but not my family. Four reasons. 1) Fran is supposed to blog about it (ha!) 2) These days there’s simply too much family stuff to blog about. 3) Sometimes there are privacy or safety issues. 4) If I ever choose to sell my Vette then my car blog is going to be a great resource; it’s in my interest to document projects (no plans to sell the family right now).

In any event, the other day I pulled out my old radiator fan and the geek in me was forced to do this:

Tomorrow I start my marathon training. I have been having tendon issues in my left leg, but at this point they seem mostly resolved. I have really missed running (but somehow this has been a great excuse to eat whatever I want and I have really enjoyed that). A toast to health in 2012!

Posted by Cam Hughes, Feb 19, 2012

Something Random

This was recently forwarded to me. Some of it it pretty funny (and I confess that I don’t know if they all work quite right), so I thought I’d post it here.

Lately I’ve seen these “What other people think I do” collages popping up all over. Someone should make a business out of it, right? I don’t know what the fad-span will be, but I think they’d make good posters.

Also, in case anyone wonders where I’ve been… I realized one day that I didn’t really like blogging about business since that’s what I was do all day. In other words, after work, I don’t want to write about work!  I’ve written a few posts (half ecstatic and half lamenting the unprecedented growth of my company and the associated struggles with said growth). Eventually I may make some visible. Anyway- for the time being I’m focusing on my personal & hobby blogs.

Posted by Cam Hughes, Feb 20, 2012