Hughes Family: September 16th – September 23rd

The kids enjoyed their school fair. You get your hair painted, play games, win prizes, eat junk food and party till you drop. Mike had so much fun Fran couldn’t even get a picture of him. 

Claire turned seven! We had a family party during the week (on her birthday). Fran made clam vermicelli (Claire’s requested birthday dinner) and a coconut cake. Claire got a bunch f Playmobile set that mom and dad had a “great” time putting together. 

On Saturday Claire had a party with her friends. The theme was “slumber party.” The table and cake were even decorated like beds. 

After working to clean and speed up the family’s old computer for a few hours Cam gave up and went and got a new one. It’s sort of amazing what you can get now for a few hundred dollars compared to what you got a few years ago. Sadly, the new computer wasn’t as upgradeable as Cam had hoped and he couldn’t put in a better video card. Everyone point at the “motherboard” and laugh. 

Another incredible week at the Hughes house.

Hughes Family: August 20th – 26th

School started this past week. One in kindergarten, one in second grade and one in third. Not too bad! On Sunday Fran said “Ahhhh! I wish they could go to school every day!” (we can say this stuff since our kids don’t read the blog). These are a few pics and a video from the kids’ first trip to school. Cam is taking them most days- helps him get his butt out of bed.

We’re trying a new parenting method. We used to give the kids beads each time they did their chores. Beads could them be redeemed for money. However, this past week we switched to the “fear of loss” method. Each month the kids start out with a glass filled with quarters. We remove quarters when they don’t do do chores. Effectiveness is TBA. And some sad news: The other day Mike rode Claire’s bike off a ramp. Didn’t go well. Mike landed badly (on his face). He made it home but with some gaps in his memory. “What happened to me?” He had no recollection of the crash. Fran popped him in bed and he would periodically wake up and ask where he was. Poor kid. Except for the fact that he has forgotten how to stay clean he’s doing fine now.

The Scouts have a lot of fun activities like racing vegetables down a water filled ditch (this fulfills part of the “Nutrition” and “Orphan Games” merit badge requirements). Mike used an avocado (technically a fruit, but it was sanctioned by the racing coordinator). While light, the avocado boat didn’t fare well when it took in water. It’s erratic maneuvering patterns lead many to believe the captain of the small vessel was intoxicated. In the end it was a cucumber which proved the most sea worthy.

On Saturday we went out to celebrate Greg’s 27th birthday. Per Greg’s request Mom & Dad took us all to P.F. Chang’s (thank you guys!). This birthday was especially significant because we didn’t know if Greg would make it this long.

Look at all these happy people eating [what some may call] Chinese food!

Fran is trying to help the kids develop some skills in the kitchen. Each week she tries to work with at least one of them. Sometimes it can be trying though. On Sunday they all wanted to help. “How long until dinner is ready?” Cam asked. “Well, now that I have help it will be longer.” It took two hours. But you could totally taste the love.

Hughes Family: August 6th – August 12th

We’re a little bit behind with the posts. Hopefully we’ll be able to get caught up in the next couple of weeks.

Fran and the kids went to Lagoon and had a lot of fun. With the exception of Chloe the kids can go on almost every ride. Chloe still went on her fair share though.

Lagoon: The Disney Land of Utah. Rides, food and fun. They stayed until the park closed at 11:00pm.

Cam’s is working on some major car modifications (new engine, transmission, drive shaft, differential and maybe bigger turbos and upgraded fuel system). This will probably be a 3-4 week project.

The kids and Grandpa look forward to the Alpine Days parade each year.

After gaining back a good deal of weight Cam is starting his diet and exercise program again. So far so good (except that he is really grumpy).

Sometimes kids do really weird stuff…

Nothing beats the Lindon pool on a hot summer day.

Claire went to her cousin’s birthday party. Gabe stayed home with Dad and they made cookies and watched cartoons (Mike was off with his friends). [The picture from this post was lost in the blog consolidation and, alas, it cannot be found]

Francoise is still trying to make eggplant taste good (this has been an ongoing battle). As it turns out fried eggplant is actually pretty good. On Sunday the family played Richess du Monde (a French game which is similar to Monopoly). Cam thought there may have been some cheating and would like a rematch. [The picture from this post was lost in the blog consolidation and, alas, it cannot be found]

July 16th – July 22nd

After having a great time on Mauritius Fran and the kids flew back to Reunion Island.

For the next few days Fran, the kids stayed at her parent’s beach house (along with most of the family).

They played on the beach, enjoyed each other’s company, visited the city and…

…frequented this amazing bakery (within walking distance of the beach house).

Cam went to see a midnight showing of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. He thought it was exceptional. 9/10.

After a few days in Reunion is was time to start the trip home. The first leg of the journey was from Reunion to Paris, France.

Cam went for a drive through the Alpine Loop. He didn’t realize how steep some parts of the road were (although he might have been going way too fast) and his car bottomed out ripping his boost hoses. Good thing he likes to fix stuff.

On Saturday night Cam went to Jason’s birthday party at Noah’s. Jason & Rachel provided sushi and other treats for the party goers. Does anyone throw better parties? No.

The kids and Fran arrived safely in Paris and are enjoying a brief layover.

Tomorrow they head back to Utah. Do you think they’ll miss Reunion Mauritius and France? It looks pretty nice over there!

June 25th – July 1st

Fran has been busy packing to get ready for her trip to Reunion. She’ll be gone about three weeks and Cam will have to hold the fort down on his own (he seems pretty excited). Still a fairly busy week though!

Fran and the kids went to a Symphony at the Scera Sheel Outdoor theater. Too soon for culture? The kids seemed to have a hard time paying attention… until they played some of the music from Star Wars!

After running a few miles at the Lehi Legacy Center (no picture) Cam & Fran went to Sushi House to replenish their depleted energy reserves. Cam was sick most of the week but said he could “almost taste the sushi.”

Chloe’s teeth started coming in this week! They are hard to see, but just below her tongue there are two bottom teeth just starting to poke through. Teething babies probably don’t make good travel buddies. Wish Fran luck!

Claire and her friend decided that they should get jobs. No doubt inspired by their fathers they decided to take the entrepreneurial route and open a lemonade stand. They did all the work themselves! Milestone # 17 complete.

Saturday was a busy day! Cam & Fran ran the Lehi Round Up 5K. This time Fran edged Cam out for the win (crushed him really- but to be fair Cam was still fairly sick).

A couple of hours later the family (minus Cam- he fell asleep after the run) went to the Lehi Round Up parade. The kids got to walk next to the Ward float in the parade and throw candy to the onlookers.

In the afternoon Cam went to the baptisms of Rachel and Wesley (two students in the church class he teaches). Fran and the kids went to Legacy Center for kid’s swimming lessons. When everyone got back Cam played with the kids and Fran worked on trip preparations.

Later that night Cam represented the Hughes Family solo at Rachel‘s birthday party (Fran and the kids went to bed early). Rachel & Jason invited thirty people to play “Laser Tag” with Frontline Tactical in Provo. They always throw awesome birthday bashes!

Tomorrow Fran and the kids will be off! Stay tuned next week for updates from the Island

June 19th – June 24th 2012

I haven’t quite figured out how comprehensive to be on this blog. This post has some silly things like an outing to Dollar Tree and Walmart (but to be fair the kids are so cute when they push a shopping cart). After some experimenting I’ve decided to do most of the text as captions. I’ve also opted to write everything from a third person point of view (to keep things consistent when other start adding posts).

Gabe celebrated his 5th birthday! In the morning he opened his presents. He got a bunch of cool stuff from his parents, siblings, grandparents and greatgrandma! In the afternoon he had a party with his friends. Gabe really likes being five.

On Friday Cam went to Premier Performance to dyno test his car in preparation for his upcoming Corvette adventures. 635rwhp- less than expected. But there’s nowhere to go but up!

Cam went to Bubs’ LAN party on Friday evening (Bubs works with Cam at Blade HQ). Now that a lot of the guys have wives there was a wonderful assortment of food! Cam was sad he had to leave early, but he had a Father and son activity that night.

Instead of going on a Father & Son camping trip Michael & Cam decided to go see Avengers at 9:45!  (Gabe got to go too, but didn’t make it through the movie).

Meanwhile the girls were at home having a teas party with real tea & desserts.

A couple times a month the Hughes Family goes to the Asian Buffet in American Fork. Who gets fries at a Chinese restaurant? Our kids!

Cam got out his special markers and spent some time drawing with Claire. What a nice flamingo! Maybe Claire will grow up and become an artist.

Later Cam set up a Mini LAN game of Quake 3 and taught Michael how to play. A creative  way to combat the withdrawal from earlier in the week, but Mike will need some extra practice to beat Dad.

Shopping with kids is always some weird kind of adorable nightmare. How can so much junk be so important? To be fair, some of the junk in the second picture is Mom’s.

The end of the week also brought some sickness- everyone came down with a cold. But there were still things to do! Ian Watson got back from his mission and had his homecoming today. We went to his church to hear him speak & then went to his family’s house afterwards to catch up. Welcome back Ian!

Ever the fighters Dad and the kids used what remained of their energy to play a few rounds of Bomberman (on a TurboGrafx 16 Emulator- Nerdy!)

Hopefully next week will be a little slower- we could all use some rest!


June 10th – June 18th 2012

As I have mentioned we try to go on a date every couple of weeks. Nothing too active this time. We went to Thai House (in Lehi) and then saw Snow White and the Huntsman. The movie was actually pretty good!

This past week Fran took the kids up to Cherry Hill water park & family fun center in Kaysville. Full RV hooksups!

Noting better than eating hotdogs and cucumbers! There were tons of fun activities for the kids. The first day they went swimming, tubing and rock climbing.

Fran and Gabe made a quick detour to Paris (Cherry Hill has a very nice miniature golf course). Camping in an RV with a baby is quite challenging, but Fran is a brave (brave) woman! Good thing Chloe is so adorable. The next day the Browns & Bensons arrived at Cherry Hill.

I came up the evening of the second day and we took the kids to the arcade. It’s a little lackluster, but they had fun (Arcade review: I wish the air hockey tables actually had air). When the kids went to bed the adults all played a few rounds of Five Crowns. A fun trip for all!

On the 18th we celerbated Fran’s 34th birthday! We ate lunch together at Jimmy John’s and then had Cafe Rio for dinner (with coconut flawn!)

Fran wanted to go on a family bike ride for her birthday so we took out the bikes, got them in working order and rode around the neighborhood for a bit. Another successful birthday under the ye old Hughes belt.

Alotta Regatta

On the evening of March 22nd (yes, my birthday) my son had a Regatta race for Scouts. When I was in Scouts we had one Pinewood Derby (and  lately I’ve had the overpowering desire to watch Down and Derby again). I did the work on my car mostly by myself and when my Dad and I showed up at the Derby it was clear that my car didn’t have a chance (my father recently lamented to me “As soon as we showed up I realized I was supposed to build your car, not you”). I did, however, win the “Most Massive” award- probably because my car was basically a black and yellow painted block with wheels. But I had fun and I wanted my son to have fun too.

The Regatta is a small boat kit that you have to sand, seal, paint, assemble and then decorate. Then, two by two, the boys then race the boats down a filled rain gutter. I suspect the overarching goal of the Regatta race is to determine which dads are deadbeats and which are actually involved in their son’s life. At any rate, Mike and I worked on the Regatta off and on the week prior to the race and I tried to let him so as much of it himself as possible (why do kids love spray paint so much?)

Overall I was pleased with our Regatta. When race time came the boat stayed perfectly upright, didn’t veer to port or starboard and was fairly swift. My son was as good as his boat- he never cheated (get your hands off the boat other kids!!), he tried his best and even though he didn’t win he was a good sport.  His regatta was awarded the “See You Later Alligator” certificate of participation. He had a good time and, more importantly, he knew he had a dad that cared about him. Personally I’m really looking forward to that Pinewood Derby…

Posted By Cam, April 2nd, 2012