I Like to Ride My Bicycle! I like to Ride my Bike.


I had a bicycle once- an old black Trek 21 speed that I rode around BYU when I went to school there. Those were happy times. So when my family decided we’d start biking together we headed over to the local Trek Store. Fran’s birthday was coming up so it was easy to justify getting her a new bike.  Father’s Day was looming on the horizon so we rationalized my bike without too much trouble. We have a bike trailer that Claire and Gabe can ride in so that just left Mike. Obviously Mike got a bike too.

A boy’s first bike is a proud moment for a Dad. He put his helmet on, climbed on his bike and fell over. But he was right back on it and soon he was peddling around the neighborhood at a pretty good pace. I’ll leave the training wheels on for another few months until he can balance a little better. We got the trailer hooked up to Fran’s bike and went on a family ride together.  Many more to come.


I splurged a bit and got a Gary Fisher Superfly. The 29″ over sized wheels really give it a great ride. The fame is all carbon fiber (I’m a carbon fiber nut- really) and the bike is incredibly light. I’ve ridden it to work a few times, but I haven’t been able to go on a serious ride yet. Hopefully next month.  Anyone want to go?